Mitchell Tsai


United States
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Retired 2007. Enjoy supporting new ventures and helping people manifest their visions and dreams. Current interests are music, dance, art, health, education, communication, psychology, coaching - workshops, retreats, conferences, events. Don't usually donate to non-profits (due to high overhead costs high & low efficiencies). Instead I give directly to the people (mostly artists, dancers, performers, health professionals, and educators). Consultant from 1980-2006 in business, military, government, academic, and non-profit sectors. Advised entrepreneurs and companies in 98 industries - managing small teams of 1-10 and medium-sized teams of 400-600 people. Projects ranged from small US $0-$100 micro-business and non-profit bootstrap projects to multi-billion dollar projects in areas such as distribution ($14 billion), communication ($32 billion), finance ($50 billion), and logistics ($302 billion). Specialties: Began college at age 10, was a concert violinist at age 12, and danced with Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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