Richard G. Lanzara


United States
Also Known As
Scientist / Author ● Pharmacology ● Biomedical Sciences ● Computational Biology ● Biophysics ● Physiology ● GPCRs ● Applied Mathematics

Scientist, Entrepreneur, Author ● pharmacology, biomedical sciences, pharmacodynamics, chemistry, biophysics, GPCRs, physiology, molecular modeling, computational chemistry, neuroscience, computational biology, toxicology, receptor activation, modulation and desensitization. Pharmacologist interested in how our senses and receptors work and everything that follows from that. My major interests are in understanding receptor activation, receptor modulation and rapid receptor desensitization. RESEARCH INTERESTS BiotechnologyBioinformaticsBiochemistryComputational BiologyCardiovascular PhysiologyPharmacyPharmacologyPhysiologyMedicine

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