Manoj Jadhav


United States
Also Known As
Founder and CEO at ISHA Therapeutics Translational Clinical Pharmacologist

A Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology, with extensive experience in designing, planing, conducting and analysis of single and multi-centric randomized clinical and pharmacokinetic research trials in area of cardiovascular diseases,HIV/AIDS and leukemia.  Have excellent medical-scientific-regulatory writing ( e.g. protocol, CRF, PIS, consent, CSR, pre-IND, IND, original manuscripts, NIH research grants etc) management, communications and leadership skills. Clinical Trials Disclosures (LLS, data-set annonymizations, CSR redaction) per policy #70 Experienced in development and evaluation of drug delivery systems e.g. liposomes, transdermal drug delivery, preclinical studies, immuoassay development and P-glycoprotein transport studies.  Involved in teaching and guiding research students at M.S., Ph.D. level.  Founder member of the South Asian College of American College of Clinical Pharmacology, Mumbai, India. Total research publications: 29; Citations: - 106; h index: 6; i10 Index-5; First author: 17; corresponding author: 13; abstract presentation: 05; impact factor- 59

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