Naoko Okada


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Medical Doctor | Innovator | MBA | Data Science | Blogger

"I am an entrepreneurial physician with a passion for innovation and international health care trends. Becoming a hospital doctor completely changed my life, as did pursue my board certified doctor and my two masters degrees (MBA and Master of Disruptive Innovation). I believe in treating patients as people, not diseases, and I see the power of coaching to make people's lives healthier while being passionate about creating a hospital as a true place to care for patients. Now, with knowledge of ideation, strategy and business research, I am ready to bring solutions to communities. My medical background in oncology and surgery led me to explore how innovation can help make us all healthier. Over the past two years, I have been studying international business and disruptive innovation in order to apply rigorous business practices to this very important problem. I am currently working on ideation by seeing new people and doing market research mostly in Japan to bring my ideas into reality in the healthcare field and doing webinar to spread the idea of telemedicine to raise Japanese IT literacy. I wish to create new products with new technology together with ai, IoT, vr enthusiasts and healthcare-related people. Let's connect!"

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