Andre Watson


United States
Also Known As
Chairman & CEO @ Ligandal

"I am Founder and CEO of Ligandal, a genetic medicine company that uses nanotechnology to develop targeted and personalized therapies. Our development efforts are currently focused on SARS-BLOCK™, a peptide based approach towards immune enhancement and blockade of the virus that causes COVID-19. We are a regenerative medicine biotechnology company currently developing ultra-rapid therapeutics and vaccines for outbreaks and pandemics, with a broadly applicable technology that can also be tailored to a variety of cell targeting and gene therapy needs. Our current focus is on delivering a peptide-based cure to the COVID-19 pandemic (SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus), as part of a broader mission of enabling personalized medicine on a global scale through the power of nanomedicine and gene therapies. Given that increasingly complex disease states require precise and custom-tailored medicine, much of our technology development has focused on combining gene therapy with targeting peptides to enable completely new paradigms in evolutionary medicine. Currently, we are utilizing a peptide nanoscaffold based approach for treating COVID-19 without a gene therapy component, with the goal of creating a combined antidote-vaccine. My expertise lies in targeted gene delivery, nano- and biomaterials, computational modeling of peptides, binding simulations, immunoengineering, as well as CRISPR and TALEN based gene editing. At Ligandal, we have demonstrated peptide-based delivery of CRISPR, RNA, DNA, siRNA, and a range of genes or proteins to virtually any cell type. My formal background is in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Biomaterials Science and gene delivery. I started Ligandal when I was 22 and moved to Silicon Valley to gain support for developing the next generation of medicine. I am an inventor on 45 issued and pending patents for next-generation bioengineering techniques, synthetic vaccines, and delivery of nucleic acids and proteins with cell-specific targeting molecules. My personal mission is to bring about humanity's prosperity through enabling a world where we can program biological systems at will, and for good. Outside of work, I am a competitively trained classical pianist and used to compete in powerlifting. Music has a very special place in my heart, and I love playing everything from Beethoven Sonatas to Chopin Ballades. I also love cooking and exploring the world."

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