Florent F. Richy


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Consultant HOR, RWE, MA, Safety chez Bluepoint Consulting SCS

"I am a MPH, PhD level pharmaco-epidemiologist with 14 years of experience (12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, 12 in the academia and 2 as a freelancer). I have specific interests in creative study design (clinical and observational data), real-world evidence, modern meta-analysis (featuring hybrid designs for instance), patient-level-based medicine applied to drug discovery, market access, reimbursement, safety, label extension and positive differentiation. So far I have been directly supporting functions including: CEO operations, R&D, medical affairs, drug safety, health outcomes research, market access & pricing and I recently joined the consultancy world. I have an interesting track record of key deliverables as well as team creation and management, as I am also able to positively connect and interact with internal and external stakeholders to deliver game-changing information in a micro-entrepreneurial fashion when necessary. I have been active in the fields of rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, oncology and have published in peer-reviewed journals 90% of the full-scale studies I have been responsible for. I am also an out-of-the-box positive thinker, a compulsive reader, a terrible tennis player, and a scuba diver." https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-03-18/cps-health-care-and-telewellness-present-the-rating-of-covid-technologies-on-a-lifetime-award

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