Sanket Mishra


United States
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Co-founder Grannus Therapeutics, Research Fellow at University of Notre Dame

Grannus Therapeutics While working on his Ph.D., Sanket Mishra, a co-founder of South Bend-based Grannus Therapeutics, discovered a drug compound he believes has great promise in treating breast and colon cancer as well as leukemia. Working with Brian Blagg, the Charles Huisking Professor and director of the Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development, Mishra applied for and was awarded a $230,000 STTR Phase I grant from the National Cancer Institute in August 2020 to advance research around the compound. As icing on the cake, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Elevate Ventures matched the STTR with an additional $50,000. “Blagg and I are co-principal investigators on the award, with him acting as the academic partner and myself as the company PI while also working in Notre Dame as a scientist,” explains Mishra. “With this funding, we hope to advance our compound that selectively inhibits a Hsp90beta, a variant of the Hsp90 protein, into clinical trials.” Mishra says the STTR award came with much more than funding. “The National Cancer Institute wants us to succeed if our technology is worthy. They provide resources we can access such as help with our business plan and investor pitch, plus they introduce awardees to their investor network. If we progress, we can apply for a Phase II grant, which will further our commercialization efforts.” Grannus Therapeutics’ current funding runs through August 2021. Successfully completing a Phase I and Phase II STTR grant will enable them to exit by licensing the technology to a pharmaceutical company that has the resources required to commercialize a breakthrough cancer drug. In the meantime, Mishra is focused on the work at hand: proving the efficacy of the compound. “I am grateful to the NIH for the STTR award. Early-stage drug discovery is one of the riskiest investments from an investor’s point of view. It can therefore be difficult to find funding. An award from NIH reflects that the application has been peer-reviewed by experts, which builds confidence in our technology to attract further investment.”

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