Micah Blumberg


United States
Also Known As
Programmer, journalist (Creole American (Black, Native American, French, Jewish (Estonia)) He/Him

Programmer & Journalist. Writing javascript since 2010. Co-created software for neuroimaging (EEG in VR). I create applications with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Deep Learning, BCI (Experience with EEG, FNIRS, EIT & more.) applications with WebXR, Aframe, Threejs, Mediapipe / Tensorflow (js) and other code libraries since 2017. I’m a researcher of deep neural networks, computational neuroscience, computational biology, neuroscience, human & artificial cognition, and brain computer interfaces. My ultimate mission in life to create full dive nerve gear (next gen BCI), and self aware networks (sentient artificial brains also referred to as AGI). I am also a community organizer who hosts coding meetups, talks on neuroscience and talks on tech topics. https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-03-18/cps-health-care-and-telewellness-present-the-rating-of-covid-technologies-on-a-lifetime-award

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