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United States
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Drug Design || Drug Discovery || Medicinal Chemistry|| Author of two books||

Led the medicinal chemistry activities of several small-molecule drug discovery projects at target validation, hit to lead or lead optimization stages. Worked together with core team members across multiple disciplines to design and implement project strategies for the advancement of projects leading to the identification of high-quality preclinical candidates. Independently designed biologically active molecules and conducted SAR studies to meet the project goals; designed synthetic routes and led the internal or external chemistry team in the synthesis and characterization of drug candidates for the projects. Worked with computational chemistry group to develop structure-based target molecules for projects. Proactively communicate project strategy, critical issues and recommendations to enable appropriate resource decisions. Provided supervision, scientific mentorship, and technical training of the team members. Maintained excellent communication across internal and external team members. Inventor of four preclinical candidates: SU-3327, BI-78D3, BI-69A11, and BI-87G9 Furthermore, I invented three products (PKU-60, PKU-95, PKU-151) for anti-infective solutions. Drug discovery, Chemical biology,Multi-step Organic Synthesis, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Parallel Synthesis, Library Synthesis, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Hit-to-Lead, Lead Optimization, protein kinase inhibitors,Proven track record of achievement in advancing compounds from hit-to-lead to clinical development, Co-inventor of two pre-clinical candidates.

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