Alex Shneider


United States
Also Known As
Founder and CEO, CureLab Oncology, Inc.

Alexander Shneider is a biotech entrepreneur with over 20 years of comprehensive industry experience. The focus of his work today is a novel biological agent against cancer and diseases of chronic inflammation. His company’s leading drug ‘Elenagen’ demonstrated high safety and very encouraging signs of clinical benefits in phase I/IIa clinical trial before progressing to an international phase II study. In addition to human medicine, Elenagen is highly promising to treat cancers and age-associated inflammatory diseases in cats and dogs. Alexander served as a consultant and advisor for international biotech, pharmaceutical and investment companies with projects ranging from R&D, licensing, technology transfer, product and process development to IP, management and business strategies. Alexander holds professor rank positions at two international universities and serves as an editorial board member at reputable scientific journals.

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