Joachim Denner


Also Known As
Head of Laboratory bei Robert Koch Institute

Dr. Joachim Denner, is born in 1951 in Oberweid, Thuringia. He studied biochemistry with a focus on virology. He worked at the Cancer Research Institute in Berlin, where he was already working on the mechanism of immunosuppression by retroviruses, and at the Marie Curie Cancer Research Institute in Oxted, Great Britain, and has worked at the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen since September 1989. He has been at the Robert Koch Institute since 2000, he is speaker of the project group "Novel Pathogens" and head of the project group "Retrovirus-induced immunosuppression". Dr. Joachim Denner is the founder and head of the German Working Group on Xenotransplantation. In addition to HERVs, his research focuses on the development of vaccines against retroviruses including HIV and porcine endogenous retroviruses.

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