Quang Nguyen


United Kingdom
Also Known As
Oxford-Hoffmann DPhil Scholar, Vaccine Immunology

"I immigrated from Vietnam to the US in 2008 at age 15. Despite having to learn English from scratch, I became the first in my family to attend college, thanks to numerous mentors through orgs, including the Bill & Melinda Gates, Dell, Greenhouse Scholars, National Institutes of Health, & National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Following my graduation from Duke University in 2016 where I conducted HIV vaccine research at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, I joined the US NIH Vaccine Research Center as a UGSP fellow to work on HIV cure In 2018, I moved to Europe to pursue an Erasmus MSc degree in Vaccinology on a full academic scholarship by the LIVE program, rotating through Spain, Belgium & France. Meanwhile, I worked remotely as a research manager for an international research network in public health, based in Hanoi, Vietnam Following my internship at GSK Vaccines, I received 3 full academic PhD scholarships from Oxford. As a DPhil student, I'm applying data science tools to decipher human CD8 T cell regulations of other immune cells & antibodies in lymphoid tissues (germinal center regulations) for the discovery of cell immunotherapies & vaccines against viruses & cancers 💭Vision Statements: To invent machine learning-assisted products with services that will: >> change the ways people connect and empower one another to reflect, learn and contribute differently for a tangible impact globally. Together, we grow! >> identify early biomarkers to predict diagnoses and responses to vaccines and cellular immunotherapy at an individual level! Preping your immunity, one patient, one cell at a time! 🌏Life goals: 📚 “Learning how to use [accumulated knowledge] to change society” ~ The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver 🐾 “They never decide it’s too hard or not worth the effort. Babies don’t worry about making mistakes or humiliating themselves. They walk, they fall, they get up. They just barge forward.” ~ Mindset by Carol Dweck 🎨 "they would rather back the individual than the solution... that the right solution may never get airborne if it it is driven by the wrong person. But the right person will find the right solution even if that hasn't yet happened. And they want to work with someone they believe in." ~ Life's a Pitch by Stephen Bayley & Roger Mavity 👻 "Find a way to get paid for the job you’d do for free [with good people]" Currently learning to do great science and training to think about my scientific research like a mathematician, an entrepreneur & an investor. Follow my journey on Twitter @QNNDuke " https://researchscholars.gilead.com/en/hiv_portal/program-overview/scientific-focus https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-03-18/cps-health-care-and-telewellness-present-the-rating-of-covid-technologies-on-a-lifetime-award

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