Eriko Padron Regalado


Also Known As
Biotechnology Engineer, R&D scientist, coronavirus scientist

I am a Biotechnology engineer with research experience in Microbiology, Vaccinology, Immunology, and Pathogen Genomics. I have world-class research experience in the development of new vaccines for global health pathogens, including lethal coronaviruses and malaria (The Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford). Previously, I had pioneered the study of enteric viruses from the largest annual mass gathering in the world (The Hajj pilgrimage, Saudi Arabia). -Experienced in developing vaccines and adjuvants for global infectious diseases -Experienced in the development and execution of immunoassays -Experienced in the identification of pathogenic microorganisms from clinical samples -Experienced in the development of in-vitro Virology assays -Background in industrial biotechnology -Experienced in understanding COMPLEX IDEAS TO DELIVER SIMPLE SOLUTIONS Specialties: Molecular cloning, viral vector construction, virus neutralization assays, Antibody ELISA, T cell ELISpot, extensive animal handling experience, routes of vaccination, adjuvant formulations, lentivirus generation, mammalian cell culture, confocal microscopy, nucleic acid extraction, PCR, RTPCR, Next-generation sequencing I am a highly competent and goal-oriented professional with the proven capacity to deliver top-quality projects and creative solutions under high pressure. Highly adaptable and resilient with the capacity to work efficiently with people of different professional backgrounds and cultures. In life, I aspire to have an important impact on global health through the application and development of state-of-the-art technology. Willing to relocate to U.S.A. (TN visa), Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Spain, Australia, etc.

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