Melanie Day


United States
Also Known As
Data scientist/software engineer

I am a data scientist/software engineer with expertise in the leveraging machine learning algorithms, analytics, data storage solutions like MySQL and HDFS and helping data customers to get value from both analytics and data storage solutions in easy to understand ways. As a PhD student and then as a postdoctoral researcher in physics I developed my computational and analytical skills. I am proficient in python and C++ and have an extensive analytical toolkit, including machine learning tools like logistic regression and random forests and feature extraction using correlation, principle component analysis and linear discriminant analysis. As a fellow at Insight Data Science I developed a user friendly web application, NerdVentures!, and created strong relationships with mentors in a network of over 400 employed data scientists at places like Facebook, LinkedIn and Netflix. At Uber I worked with hardware engineers and the infrastructure team to build data pipelines, gather sensor data and do analysis to optimize the performance and scalability of LiDAR sensor development. Currently building data pipelines and infrastructure for Zymergen to help scientists design the future of biofacturing.

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