Peretz Partensky


United States
Also Known As
CEO at ImmuneBridge

Born in Siberia. Soviet refugee. High School Drop Out. Educated in Boston. Polished at Cambridge University. Doctored in San Francisco. Served as a science diplomat in Beijing. Coached basketball in Afghanistan. Hunted with eagles in Kyrgyzstan. Arrested and represented self in court in Kazakhstan. YC founder. Engineering leader. Head of product. Data scientist. Published author. Life scientist. Father of three lion cubs. ► Skills 1. Domain expert in biology, protein/DNA biochemistry, and epigenetics by PhD research; and fintech, payments, SAAS, procure to pay automation, accounting automation, and supply chain as a founder of two companies in this space. 2. Product management - Built and scaled a high-uptime two-sided marketplace and payment processing infrastructure at Sourcery. Critical product with high-uptime requirements moved >$100mm over three years. 3. Engineering leadership - Skilled in agile and extreme programming. Successfully hired away entire NASDAQ PM software team. Managed a team of up to 7 engineers for 3 years. 4. Communication - Most-read author on Medium for the week, on two separate occasions. Published in Wired, N+1 magazine. My photos have appeared in over a dozen newspapers online and print magazines, including WSJ, Wired, Fast Company, Biz Insider, Mashable, HuffPo. 5. Dedication - Hiked 230 miles along John Muir Trail with 50,000 ft of elevation gain/loss in 10 days. Peretz is VP of Product and Data at Vim, where he is responsible for making sure Vim build products customers want that also create value to the healthcare system as a whole. Peretz founded and led product at Y-Combinator backed Sourcery with the vision of bringing transparency to our food supply chain. He co-founded and led data at Restaurant Cheetah, a fast-growing restaurant supply fulfillment company. Peretz has a MPhil in Literature from Cambridge University and a PhD in Biophysics/Biochemistry from the University of California, San Francisco. He served as a National Science Foundation fellow in Beijing and supported a DARPA funded initiative in Afghanistan installing internet infrastructure at hospitals and schools. He coached an Afghan regional basketball team to a national championship in Kabul.

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