Megan Klimen


United States
Also Known As
Lover of community building, biotech, open data, and interesting experiences. Founding Officer of the Filecoin Foundation and the FFDW. 3Scan (now Strateos)

Experienced Founder and Operator with a demonstrated history of success. I build organizations where people love to work, using cutting edge science and research to tackle the most important challenges facing humanity today. Currently focused on creating a more robust, fair and democratic internet. Previously worked to increase the rate of scientific discovery though robotics. Start up advisor and general nice person to know. Without Megan 3Scan would grind to a halt. Executing roles of CFO, damage control, and manager, she keeps the daily flow of the company moving along while handling the details at all ends. Studying biology and anthropology at UC San Diego, she’s been involved running a wide range of projects over the years in all corners of the world,including helping found and run the BIL Conference series. She now represents 3Scan in all it’s endeavors and is heavily involved in Start-up Chile with 3Scan.

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