Benjamin Aldern


United States
Also Known As
VP Ad Platform at Helium 10

Co-Founder and CEO Origin Story: Ben and his co-founders were moonlighting as Amazon Sellers when they started leveraging their skills from their day jobs as software and data experts in the FinTech space to fill gaps in the Amazon PPC landscape. Eventually, they realized they preferred writing software to managing supply chains and that Prestozon would be useful to a wide range of Sellers and Vendors. Ben’s love affair with data analytics stemmed from another passion: car racing. Working for a racing simulation company, he found that the data from races could be used to help improve each racer’s skill in a way similar to howtelemetry data from race cars is used. Seeing a need and the drive to fill it has defined Ben’s career and is the reason Prestozon is constantly on the cutting edge of Amazon PPC technology. Favorite game character: Crash Bandicoot or Spyro Prestozon job title (in 2030): Grand Poobah of Product Inventions and Advertising Achievements Special moves: Making cars go vroom

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