Jevin West


United States
Also Known As
Associate Professor at University of Washington and Director of the Center for an Informed Public

Jevin West also co-founded the DataLab and directs the Center for an Informed Public. He studies the Science of Science and worry about the spread of misinformation. Jevin also has teamed up with Carl Bergstrom to launch the Calling Bullshit project, developing a website and course materials for teaching quantitative reasoning and information literacy: Jevin is also the director of the UW Center for an Informed Public. The Center’s core expertise is studying misinformation and disinformation during crisis events. The COVID-19 crisis is no exception. We are looking at hundreds of millions of social media posts related to COVID-19 to examine where and how misinformation arises, how it spreads, and how influences and experts guide the collective conversation. In addition to studying misinformation around COVID-19 at the population level, we are also tracking and debunking at the individual level.

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