Henry Masur


United States
Also Known As
M.D., Chief of the Critical Care Medicine Department

Dr. Masur came to NIH in 1982 from Cornell University, where he was involved in the recognition and evaluation of some of the earliest documented AIDS patients. At NIH he has focused on opportunistic infections that complicate HIV infection: his program has developed diagnostic tests, therapeutic drugs, and treatment strategies for managing pneumocystis pneumonia and other opportunistic processes. Dr. Masur is the co-chair of the United States Public Health Service Guidelines on Prevention of HIV Related Opportunistic Infections, and the NIH-CDC-Infectious Disease Guidelines on Treatment of HIV Related Opportunistic Infections. These guidelines are internationally recognized as the authoritative standard for patient care. He is also editor, with Mike Saag and Ray Dolin, of the standard textbook AIDS THERAPY. He is on the Selection Committee, Academic Alliance Program for AIDS training in Uganda, and is the Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Community Program for Clinical Research in HIV. He served for 8 years as Chair of the FDA Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee. Dr. Masur’s position at NIH is Chief, Critical Care Medicine Department. That unit manages the intensive care unit of the hospital. His department also conducts research in critical care medicine, and has a nationally recognized training program. Dr. Masur is currently President-Elect, Infectious Diseases Society of America.

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