Lifetimeaward by Telewellness sponsoring LSX Healthspan show along with industry leaders

LifetimeAward and Telewellness UK founder E.Musinski is attending the Healthspan Show and will be participating in the roundtable discussions with leaders of health-related industries, and government agencies.


Telewellness consortium is sponsoring Healthspan Show, and its initiative Lifetime Award for COVID - is feautured in the same section with J&J and Innovate UK, other sponsors.

"It is exciting to work with LSX (the Healthspan Show organizers) who share our belief that transparent sharing of information about preventative digital health technologies is the way to mitigate this pandemic." - Edwad Musinski, CEO Telewellness.

Edward Musinski will speak at investment panel with leading VC and government agencies, and at Roundtable Personalized nutrition models and their implications for population healthspan.

Also, he can be found at the following sessions:
Personal Care - Interactive roundtable 10-May
Bayer Partnering Roundtable - Interactive roundtable 11-May
Lifestyle impact on health - Interactive roundtable 12-May
Mental Health - Interactive roundtable 14-May
COVID rating produced during Lifetime Award program, is an expert+influencers inclusive platform for mass adoption of validated COVID technologies, to be spread through an affiliate program.

This sponsorship is a milestone for Telewellness and LifetimeAward platform as they have invited influencers to Affiliate program to help spread the knowledge of their panel of experts validating the most effective solutions to Covid-19.

That will result in mass adoption of innovations for the first Rating of COVID technologies, to be produced during Lifetime Award program.

This program starts with a crowdvoting during LTA cruise with top experts, this summer.

See the website for details and google for "Telewellness and Lifetimeaward Bloomberg" article.

About Telewellness consortium.

CPS Healthcare (Germany company founder by Ernst&Young partner) and Telewellness have created Consortium aimed at the mass adoption of "COVID mitigation innovative solutions" according to a set of requirements of WHO and regulators.


Telewellness CEO Edward Musinski

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